I am fucked since a long time, so I think it's time for me to leave.
Because, I've been too long hanging on to life, without any sunlight in my thoughts, each time breaking my heart with bad way of seeing things, people, and myself.
I cannot do it anymore.
I've tried to tell, to explain, without any reactions, from people around me.
Even when I cried, all of my feelings on their knees, their shoulders, they laughed, were feeling me like dust on their lives, someone who was here just to laugh and accept things the way they were.
Now, They see me as a rengaine which is repeating itself.

I'm not pure, neither did I said that they were the only ones that made mistakes.

But it makes me more and more desperate each time I drown inside this state of mind, and it doesn't want to go away.
So, maybe it's me who's have to leave, and must not being born.